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Jaco du Plessis, also known as Josh, was born and raised in Potcheftsroom in the North West Province of South-Africa. 

He was physically born with "Die Helm", being what the older generation used to call this phenomenon, believing that such a baby would be special.  This is when the baby is born with a fleece partially covering its head.  The way it is removed determines the way the gift will manifest.   

The other family members that have all been born in a similar manner were his grandfather and his mother. Likeminded people were always ostracized in the past due to the society's misconceptions. 

After completing school Jaco travelled overseas to Great Britain to study fashion, art, photography and history of theatre. On returning to SA he lived in Totius' homestead (a very great South-African Afrikaans poet) for a while, where he was so inspired with the surrounds that he pursued his other loves ­­- writing poetry and painting. Knowledge obtained whilst studying for a BAA certificate from the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of SA), assists him when confronted with a metabolic problem in a client. 

Jaco (Josh) sees himself as 3 elements, Jaco - earth, Josh - consciousness and Srinama - spirit, the highest awareness. 

Although Jaco's a Spiritualist, he is well versed in other alternative religions.

He sees himself as a SUFI follower...

He utilizes his clairvoyant and psychic powers holistically, offering spiritual healing, aura cleansing, crystalomancy, palmistry, astrology, meditation, Yin & Yang balancing, past life readings, clairvoyance, Angel & Spirit Guide awareness and Chakra realignment - Energy healing completing the experience. Jaco says: "The hugely successful TV shows, world-renowned John Edward's "Crossing Over" and Marietta Kruger's "Die Anderkant", have created awareness amongst the general public and sceptics alike, thus producing a credible platform for these exciting phenomena".   

Having over 30 written references as well as published prediction Articles in January of 2005/'06/'07, whereby the predictions came true, shows off his amazing accuracy. He was also approached by the "Vroue Keur" magazine in November 05 whereby they wrote an article about him regarding his abilities, esp focussing on clearings & blessings ...

Jaco (Josh) appeared during 2005, in a first for South-Africa, live Psychic show -

“The Mindsight Show”.

 Jaco was approached by Caxton Newspapers to allow the readers an insight into 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010.

Herewith he's already predicted correctly the death of Anton Rupert & also the discovery of a new planet.... (Jan/Feb 06)

Click on Articles, if you want to read his published articles & also under Guest Book you'll find some feedbak on his readings, on request references can be send via e-mail, fax or sms (text). 




No need to be scared of death